Strolling Though Scenic Shaftesbury, Dorest

Last week I enjoyed a well-earned midweek break to celebrate my Masters graduation with loved ones. As well as donning the hat and gown, this meant that I had a few spare hours, so of course I took my father exploring! I may be too young to have viewed the infamous ‘Hovis’ ad on television, but I’m quite aware of the retro clip and thus we ventured out find the starring location in the quaint rural town of Shaftesbury.

On arrival I was pleasantly surprised at the almost immediate proximity to ‘Gold Hill’, located just-off the town centre. Honestly it looked just as I imagined and we were lucky that the weather was on our side for this short period. Locals mulled around, as intrigued tourists like myself gazed over the idyllic scene.

Having stretched my legs on the moss-clad cobbles, we ventured inside a charming little antique shop, before making-off for a history lesson in the Gold Hill Museum. This proved perfect timing, as the showers came down outside. The exhibit was completely free and provided a lovely trip down memory lane. It also shone as a wonderful example of community spirit, with workshops on-going and interactive displays for kids as well.

The rain turned to drizzle and so we took a wander along the Park Walk, which by-passes the abbey and provides beautiful scenic views across the luscious valleys beyond. From here you can observe the rich agricultural land that Dorset is historically renowned for. Then in a brief moment the drizzle transitioned into a bright and misted haze, as it caught a sparse ray of afternoon sun, illuminating the towering spire of the church that lay below. It appeared most angelic, a true scene of rural England at its finest hour.

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