A young and wanderlust twenty-something, tea-drinking writer with her head in the clouds. From a tender age I can remember having a distant fascination with travel, an infatuation which has only grown with time.

Growing up along the rugged Irish coastline, I’ve always been inspired by the natural world around me and went on to take up photography as a result. Today, I continue to cherish such views and can frequently be found traversing new landscapes with a backpack and camera in hand.

It is also known that I love a good book, so when I’m not researching my next far-flung destination, you can find my nose stuck in a good paperback. Oh and you may have noticed, but I love to write, so more often I’m caught putting pen to paper as I attempt to bring an assortment of stories to life.

Sometimes it’s good to take a quiet moment and just appreciate it all.

Dream . Discover . Explore.

Jenna x