Explore Somerset: Historic Market of Frome

Frome, a historic market town on the edge of the Mendip Hills. Its centre comprised of a charming maze of cobbled streets and beautiful sandstone buildings, which house a wealth of independent shops and eateries. Renowned today for its artisian approach, the town hosts regular markets, festivals and agricultural shows for locals and visitors of Frome.

The town’s name come from the term ‘brisk-flowing water’, as Frome’s steep hills reach out from the river of its namesake. In bygone days, the picturesque settlement was considered Somerset’s original market town, growing around the springs which continue to supply fresh water supplies to the town’s community today.

However traditional seeds have come to flourish into greater bloom when it comes to the trading market town. Whilst selling home-grown goods and wares has been at the heart of this community since the signing of The Doomsday Book, today Frome has grown to become a brand almost in itself. Proving time after time that traditional Britain can still thrive in today’s multi-cultural world. Markets still take pride here on thrice weekly on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Found amongst the town’s elevated walkways and winding alleys, is Cheap Street; notably one of the best preserved medieval streets in Europe. Despite the value that history adds to this traditional market town, it arguably stands out today because of its strong creative industry.

Frome is fast-becoming known for its professional craftsmen, who specialize in everything from fashion to publishing. There are traditionalists who keep trades such as blacksmith, silversmith or sewing, but there are a growing number of innovate businesses as well ie, 3D design. The town also boasts many arts centres, theatres and galleries in amongst its labyrinth of crooked paths, including the Cheese & Grain, which has notably hosted many acts in the wake of the nearby Glastonbury Festival and throughout the Frome Festival also.

Many of the buildings in Frome date back to the 1700s when the town was still booming from the export of cloth. At this time it is claimed that the small town was larger than the Roman city of Bath, but times changed when the cloth market declined. Luckily Frome’s agricultural grounding helped to keep the town going and stood it in good stead for the success it has found today.

Events worth noting is you’re considering visiting Frome are listed below:

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Frome Festival

Frome & Agricultural Cheese Show

Frome Carnival

Frome Christmas Extravaganza

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