The Wandering Rose: Where The Story Began

Taking a break from formulated guides, I though I’d share my story on how I came to create the blog as you see it. Sharing where I believe my initial wanderlust stemmed from and how it came to grow organically.

I make it no secret that I have long since been bitten by the travel bug and consequently have a serious case of wanderlust. I can trace it back indefinitely from the age of 13, but I reckon that secretly the seed was actually planted in me long before that. As a child, far-off relations used to send my family gorgeous Swiss chocolates, with picturesque images of the landscape on the wrappers. At the same time, my Nan would often travel to exotic destinations abroad and bring back souvenirs for my siblings and I. Often I’d accompany her with my father to and from the airport and I remember there was some excitement in wandering round, watching the planes come and go from the viewing tower that overlooked the runway.

Sadly the gifts stopped some years ago, the viewing tower has since closed and re-opened and airports are today are much more segregated. Gone are the days when you could wander the rows of bars and duty-free without intention of going near a plane. However, despite the changes that come naturally with time, I think it only put fuel on the fire, as the older I’ve grown the more inspired I’ve become, to visit far-flung places with different climates and experience cultures unlike any at home.

I went through a stage in my teenage years, where I would literally cut through a ton of varying holiday brochures, just so as I could make a mental map of all the places that inspired upon my walls. I even went so far as to paint a world map freehand in magenta upon my besieged white walls. Needless to say my parents weren’t exactly best impressed, but that’s beside the point. Nowadays it’s all jotted down in a notebook or encapsulated in scrapbook folders on Pinterest, “but the list’s still there and is ever-growing, ever-changing;

“forever lusting desires in my mind”.

There are places of interest scattered across the globe, but there are also many places that lie much closer to home that I’d like to visit equally too. Since starting university almost four years ago, I’ve had a greater opportunity to visit such places; gaining student funding and better transport links, have aided my ambitions. In this time frame I’ve made numerous visits to quaint English villages and other UK cities. I’ve almost driven the circumference of Ireland and made my first international journey out of Europe. I may not have been criss-crossing the globe, but I’m not at all disheartened. I’ve been fortunate to have etched some wonderful adventures and in time hope to encompass many more both at home and abroad.

“Not bad for a girl who refused, out of fear, to step foot on a plane aged 10”.

Whilst my wanderlust has grown, I had never intended to study the idea of travel in-depth, yet as a warped set of circumstances had it, I embarked on a Masters in the subject last September. In this time my long-held interests in both travel and writing combined to create The Wandering Rose and the rest as the say is history. Originally created with travel content in mind, I’ve decided to blend it with my other writing and my lifestyle as well, because really it was a combination of the three that brought this site to fruition.

“My hope now is that it continues to blossom”.

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