September: New Beginnings in the Fall

September always seems to carry with it a sense of new beginnings – the start of a new term, another season, a change in weather. This year September signals a chapter in more ways than one. I officially finish my Masters degree, I’m in the midst of moving house and am embarking on a long-term journey to publish my own guidebook. In between all of this I’m trying to reassess my future career, look for part-time work, undertake a work placement and complete the final section of my Duke of Edinburgh Award. Phew.

As you can see September is a busy month for me, as it is for many. However, it’s also the beginning of the fall – which means: sweater weather, falling leaves, rich colours and dappled sunsets, dark mornings and crisp dawns. I’ve already had my first obligatory pumpkin spiced latte, which tastes surprisingly amazing considering I don’t usually drink coffee. Here’s to many more before the season’s out. It is often an interchangeable month where you sometimes savour a last burst of heat, but more often are subjected to bracing winds and downpours. Despite the bi-polar weather, it is a wonderful time to get out and explore nature, take long walks and snuggle up in the warmth.

Whilst I am trying hard to enjoy and appreciate the little things right now, admittedly I’m also feeling slightly overwhelmed by the alterations in my life. This time last year it was looking doubtful that I might even be able to afford to take my Masters, thanks to segregation rules from the Student Loans Company. Working hard and with a little help from family and friends I thankfully saw it through and to them I am eternally grateful! Personal circumstances have been complicated of late and have impacted on big decisions. Though I’ve struggled with the stress I am ever more determined to better myself and ensure that I have a more prosperous future ahead. Although I’m anxious I am also excited at the possibilities.

Yes, it may be a little early but the start of autumn also signals that Christmas isn’t far off. I haven’t been able to visit family back home as much as I would have like to this year and so the festive season is always a time to look forward to. I’ll hold back for now though and try to savour the sensory experiences of September first, here’s to crunching boots, burnt leaves, hot cocoa and starry nights.



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