Postcards: Queen of Llanmadoc Hill – The Gower Peninsula

She wanders the roads, a vagrant traveller, little sense of direction, but so much at home. Merely a speck upon the vast, open plains, adamant and strong of mind, she proves hard to refrain. Treading through the landscape, she finds beauty in the view, through barren scrub and marshland paths, climbing peaks with the crew. Driven on by the elements, through down casting light, traversing through nature, eager to reach home by night.

With efforts flagging and time running out, troops lagging behind, she moves on devout. An endless highway, one last hurdle to face, keeping silent down the track, senses looming relief. Hot-footing into base, heavy hearts crack goodwill. Deliverance found, they crown her, Queen of Llanmadoc Hill.

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