Postcards: Flora of Relleu

A wind whips through the alpine meadows
But the warmth holds in the Valencian hills
Aleppo soldiers stand to attention on the verge
Throwing conical grenades of russet to the ground

Hesperis matronalis spreads like wild fire
Under blushing blossoms of the late almond tree
A faint nutty aroma filters through the air
Masking eager senses from a sombre seed

An Ophrys fusca stands solitary
Rooted deep with leaden uniformity
Tentatively waiting a change in weather
Soon to entice a strikingly confident bee

Carob trees shroud from prying eyes
Secretly shielding their stash of cocoa
Complementary to the fermented resin
Distilled from the timeworn Aleppos

A pair of eagles circle above the Syrian strip
Glimmers of gold taint their feathered coats
An aerial rendimiento in the southern skies
Muchas gracias al cielo for this rare fiesta

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