Postcards: Mountain Rhythm – Brecon Beacons

Frosted lakes, vast umber forests,
Steep winding roads, valleys below.

Constant moving, rattling engine,
Wheels keep moving, music sounds.

Remote hamlets, wooded pathways,
Carpeted leaves and endless heights.

Steady climbing, heavy breathing,
Tightened calves and arching back.

Rolling plains, shallow trenches,
Endless landscape, verdant ground.

Daring mind-set, running free,
Child-like laughter, newfound glee.

Running water, sheltered track,
Bog-land marshes and hidden traps.

Tiring heads, weary steps,
Beaten limbs, no giving in.

Sodden banks, steady peaks,
Rising hills, summit in sight.

Legs failing, overheating,
Short-of-breath, muggy head.

Picnic stop, catching up,
Panoramic views ahead.

Turning back, making tracks,
Moving faster, bog ahead.

Falling over, killing shoulder,
Music blaring, spirits high.

Daylight fading, onward marching,
Making downhill, end in sight.

Challenge over, growing colder,
Heading home, until next time…

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