Looking Ahead: 2018 Here’s to the New Year!

Hello 2018! Each one of us will have rung in the new year in our own special way, my own celebration was an intimate one surrounded by family. Today, the celebrations are drawing to a close, but I have already launched straight into my personal journey for 2018. Not one to sit around, I was quick to rise despite the dreadful typical Irish weather.

There are many reasons to be thankful and excited going forward this new year, but none more so the next chapter of my writer’s journey. As some of you may or may not yet know, last year I received the privilege of being commissioned to write my very first guidebook! They mightn’t be everyone’s ideal page-turner, but I sure count myself lucky to be tasked with such an honour, particularly saying as the country in question is none other than my home. Yes, this year you can expect lots of new content, but specifically many articles surrounding… Ireland!

Keen to begin as I mean to go on, I set out this morning to gather some photographs for book. In honesty I’m not sure how useful they will be because of the continual showers and muddied cloud, but either way it felt so good to be out and about exploring with my trusty camera again. There is a lot more fieldwork to be done and I have no doubt it will be challenging at times, but I am really looking forward to uncovering the best that my home country has to offer, as I further explore over the coming months. It’s also a wonderful excuse for some couple time/adventures as the year goes on and will make a change from my presence in Wales much of the time. Though I promise it’s lovely too!

Otherwise I am looking forward to enjoying a more peaceful year, with my nearest and dearest round me, most predominantly my other half. It’s a big year for him as he starts his path into teaching, whilst I’m more focused than ever on forging a career that makes me happy. I am hoping to experience more down-time, indulging in the things I treasure most, but I’m also going to work hard toward those writing goals as well. Here’s to 2018 and all the adventures, prosperity and joy that it is yet to bring!

Wishing you all a prosperous new year!

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