Sun-kissed Skies in Palma De Mallorca

I had visited Spain and stayed on an island, but never two in the same. However, that all changed only days ago, when I landed with a bump on the Balearic Islands. Mallorca or Majorca is the largest of the Spanish archipelago and offers sandy beaches, azure ocean and a flamboyant merge of European culture. Admittedly it hadn’t been my first choice to visit, but I thought I’d give it a try and was pleasantly surprised.

Our hotel was situated along the bustling beachfront in L’Arenal, chosen for its close proximity to the shore and local amenities. Having allowed ourselves the morning to settle in to our new surroundings, my first point of exploration was the sprawling city of Palma.

We began our tour with a gentle stroll round the majestic cathedral grounds, notably the iconic symbol of the city. Temperatures increased and the skies shone a bright blue hue above the architecture feat, so we paused by the fountain to admire the view. Then we began to roam with no real direction around the backstreets, until we returned to the central concourse with it’s al fresco cafes and linear trees. Delving in-out of the high-brow stores, we continued to walk our own circuit round the city, until we uncovered a free sculpture park.

Here, I found many felines wandering by an ancient ruin and a expensive looking bistro with private views above the palm fronds. It was lush, but I feared the price-tag too much and with the heat bearing down we motored on in an attempt to find the Hard Rock Cafe. (Yes, it is also expensive!) Why you may ask? Well, every time my boyfriend and I head away, it appears to have become a necessary ritual that we pay a visit (if they have one) to the local Hard Rock.  In truth there isn’t anything that really makes each stand out, nor anything that make them all that remarkable. However, the-other-half appears to enjoy these adventures and it has now become a reoccurring ‘thing’ on our travels. Total count so far: 4

In the end we had to double back on ourselves to find it, but with weary legs we made it in the end. Inside we sat each with a well-earned alcoholic beverage and remained until the early hours of the evening, when we eventually retreated back the centre of Palma and caught the bus back along the coast. It was farewell to capital for now, at least until another day. If you would like to find out more about my recent holiday in Mallorca, keep an eye on the blog in the coming days.


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