Thoughts for September

Ahh the autumn is once again upon us and the thought of rustling leaves, cosy knits and pumpkin spice lattes fills me with glee. As the late summer’s eve fades into memory, I find myself eager to reflect on the days gone past. Truth is I spring-boarded into the summer with unforeseen events turning my world upside down overnight. I ended up spending the first few weeks and my birthday on bed rest, truthfully times were tough.

Luckily I found myself fit enough to getaway for a short break midsummer, making up for trashed travel plans. Though disappointing at the time, I quickly came to understand that the cancelations didn’t matter a jot in reality, I was just grateful to be alive and well and in a position to start enjoying life again.

Further changes would see me thrust back into the deep end come August, as I found myself adjusting to a new job alongside an intrepid trip around Ireland for my future book release. It’s been a whirlwind summer in so many ways and naturally, as such, I have seen a range of highs and lows, with the majority positive: personal achievements and time spent with family rated high amongst them, as I realigned my priorities.

In summary this summer has taught me to appreciate everything, often the small rewards are equivalent to the most important. Looking forward to September it can be easy to feel overwhelmed, which I guess sometimes is okay, but there also needs to be room to breathe and simply be.

As someone who finds herself needing to keep busy, I’m not going to down tools and stop partaking in activities I enjoy: blogging, writing, travelling… Though I am going to try and pause more often, to ensure that I also take time to rest, re-energise and enjoy the other things that I love: reading, films, woodland walks… As I write this I can think of a dozen other things that I need to get done, but some of those, they can wait a little while. I’m off to pour a cuppa and live by my new mantra, I’m off to start my new book…reading that is!


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