Seeking the Simple Life in the South West

When I moved to England 5 years ago, everyone told me that I didn’t need to worry too much about moving to a big city, because you’d end up spending the majority of time on your home patch. On reflection, though I’ve endeavoured to travel and explore a little further when I can, the advice was certainly true, but remarkably looking back, there are still many places I haven’t eaten, sites that I rarely visit around my local region. Last weekend I tried to rectify this.

Keeping true to my word, I took a weekend away from everything work related and enjoyed a few days with family exploring the South West. From shopping to spas and Sunday strolls; I have to admit it was a blissful escape with those I treasure most.

Another place I spend a lot of my time these days is Wales, because it’s where my partner is from and so we frequently go back to visit his family and friends. However, despite fleeting visits to Cardiff for special events like rugby, I’d yet to have the pleasure of exploring the rest of the city, so we took of on the train and wandered through the quirky laneways to hunt down a couture coffee roastery, which was so hipster and devine. A completely new experience for someone who only took to the stuff several months back.

There was also an ulterior motive, as we went browsing round town for holiday brochures and advise on a long-awaited trip. Needless to say this was heaven for one consumed with wanderlust and so much time was solely spent browsing through expensive catalogues of dreamy destinations, with lengthy discussions on the logistics over, you guessed it, coffee. So what was the outcome of all this? Let’s just say it may involve my first trip to the U.S.A.

Keeping on the travel theme we also made a visit to Bristol Aerospace, as I came to fulfill a personal ambition to travel on Concorde, the supersonic jet. Of-course sadly this luxurious feat didn’t last and whilst I might not to flown during its reign in the skies, I did get the opportunity to step aboard and check out the marvel of engineering for myself. I also took in a history lesson, learning all about the timeline of aircraft creation prior to this notable event.

As much as I enjoyed these excursions, I was equally delighted to revel in the September sunshine, taking to Bath’s pleasure gardens down by the River Avon and unwinding amongst the tranquil surrounds, feet rustling amongst the fallen leaves. From here it was a scenic walk along the canal, watching the locks fill and empty as longboats travelled through. I even managed to write a couple of lines (mere observation) out of sheer spontaneity, which I’ll share below…

Ominous over-hanging clouds above the Georgian sandstone façade of Garfunkel’s at the Empire, a light wisp of wind rustling leaves on the trees.

Strong white light appeasing those in the pleasure gardens, the last of the wasps hunting low in the grass,;crimson striped deckchairs on loan from Southsea.

A pigeon casually passes the dozing traveller, slumped back, eyes closed in his chair, a soft white feather fleeting by on the breeze, wind whipping back the young writer’s hair; another older man of gentle face, lost within the text of his latest novel.

The grass is fertile with sun-washed patches, a lasting mark of the hot summer just past.

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