Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Beautiful

For so many of us, the month of January symbolises a new chapter, a clean slate from which to act on our best intentions, making resolutions to do better for ourselves or those around us. This year I purposefully haven’t set any goals, but aim to be bold, brave and beautiful in all that I do.

If I took one lesson from last year, it was that you never know what’s around the corner, obvious as that might seem, it really struck a chord. As such, I’m keen to throw myself into challenges I might previously have shied away from, I want to continue seeing the glass as half-full, rather than half-empty and I hope to showcase my potential kindness, creativity and cheer.

Of-course there are travel plans in-progress already, though in truth I deliberately chose to start the year off slow. Spending a little longer at home over Christmas, I made sure to make time for family and some much needed rest, which can sometimes be easy to overlook in all our daily commotion.

January has been a month of gathering barings, scheduling important deadlines and dates and taking the time to get organised for the year ahead. I’ve already got an Icelandic adventure planned for next month, which I am super excited about, but for now it’s all about the writing. What are your plans for 2019? Have you made any resolutions?

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