6 Must Watch Travel Documentaries

There’s no denying that I love a good documentary, particularly a travel one. With quite a lot of choice on recently, I decide to pay homage to the best picks of recent months. So in no particular order here are a few of my favourites…

1. Race Across The World (BBC)

I am eagerly awaiting the final nail-biting instalment of this latest BBC travelogue which has had me completely engrossed from episode one. If you haven’t guessed the concept from the title, it involves teams battling it out in a quest to reach Singapore by any means except air. Presented with no more than the cost of a flight to complete the journey and checkpoints through every leg, each pairing must make crucial decisions if they are to make the most of an experience of a lifetime, without going broke and still win the race.

2. Joanna Lumley in… Series (ITV)

There is no arguing that Joanna Lumley is anything but an elegant, natural treasure. Over the years she has stepped into the shoes of many professions, but for me her most endearing by far is her latest foray into the realm of travel documentaries. Watching this remarkable women roaming the globe, whilst alluring to the many wonders and encounters along the way; from illuminous Northern Lights to the Himalayan Highlands and all the decorative delights of the Silk Road, what’s not to love?!

3. Jack Whitehall: Travels With My Father (Netflix)

I stumbled across this amusing ‘mockumentary’ whilst browsing through Netflix. The unusual approach to the typical travelogue proved refreshing and highly entertaining in parts. The dynamic duo of comedian Jack and his old-school father provided a perfect narrative for indulgent viewing, so much so that my partner and I ended up binging the complete two series back-to-back in a matter of days. If you’ve watched this series you can appreciate my craving for further episodes when I realised we’d gotten through the lot.

4. Round The World By Train With Tony Robinson (Channel 5)

First conquered by Palin, then Tarrant and now Time Team’s Tony Robinson has taken to the tracks in order to showcase a plethora of unusual and intriguing destinations and rituals from the viewpoint of the world’s vast rail journeys. Though far from a new concept, there is a boy-like innocence that Robinson portrays throughout his adventures, putting him slightly ahead of his previous counterparts.

5. Cruising with Jane McDonald (Channel 5)

In this extended series, unsurprisingly Jane takes to cruising like a duck takes to water and has seen the TV personality exploring the varied realms of many countries, whilst simultaneously scouting out daily life on all manner of vessels throughout her many voyages. If you don’t mind the distinctive Yorkshire accent, I recommend you give this Northern lass a go. Easy viewing on a Friday night, even if like me you’re yet to take to the high seas yourself.

6. Britain By Bike With Larry & George Lamb (Channel 5)

This one brings it all back home as father and son team up to travel round the best of Britain’s National Parks by bicycle. From the Outer Hebrides to the New Forest, they cycle some of the country’s most scenic routes, stopping off to engage in local activities and past-times along the way. It is an interesting, light-hearted and easy watch that makes you appreciate the interchanging landscapes and customs that are right on your doorstep.

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