Balmy Brighton: By the Sea

Having based myself in the South West of England for the last five years, I am ashamed to say that I am yet to explore very little of the South East, London aside. However, a couple of weeks a ago I began to rectify this with a visit to the vivacious seaside town of Brighton, East Sussex.

Growing up in a bustling seaside town on the north coast of Ireland, Brighton has often appealed to me since my relocation to the mainland. Earlier this month I found myself with a free day to explore whilst based in London and reasoned that it was now or never and was quick to book a return train fare.

So off I set on a sumptuous spring day, leaving behind the mechanical high rises of the capital, to pass through miles of lush green countryside and eventually pull towards the Sussex coastline. Disembarking, I immediately found myself drawn to the line of the ocean, a much sought after sight after recent residence in the city. It wasn’t long after I stumbled across the town’s iconic pier and quickly took to the rickety wooden boards above the azure sea.

Having taken in the traditional associations of the seaside icon, I then graced the pebbled stones and ttreated myself to some sugary donuts, naughty but nice and had to be done for aesthetic purposes of course. From the shoreline it is also possible to catch glimpse of the white chalk cliffs otherwise known as the Seven Sisters, a further region I’m keen to explore.

From here I ventured towards the historical emblem of the Royal Pavilion and its beautiful floral gardens around it’s grand façade. Though I was intrigued to peer inside, it wasn’t to be this time round, but it is certainly something I’d recommend. You can also find the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery adjoining in the fragrant garden surrounds.

There are a good number of quaint delis, cafes and hearty pubs to choose from nearby, with a good range of shops and boutiques scattered throughout the Lanes; a neighbouring shopping area. I opted for a light lunch in a nice delicatessen, before wiling away the hours in a rustic coffee shop back towards the railway station. All together it was a lovely lazy day.

Have you ever been to Brighton? What were your highlights? What would you recommend to visitors in the seaside town?

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