Top 10 Travel Tips

Be Comfortable

No matter where you’re going, you should always allow yourself to travel in comfort, particularly on extended journeys. Contrary to some belief you don’t have to look glamourous all of the time, consider loungewear or thin layers to prevent perspiration in warmer climates. Consider using a fleece, jumper or coat as a pillow when stuck upright in the car, plane or train, or invest in a travel pillow for a small cost.

Be Flexible

Where possible always book tickets well in advance and shop around different websites for the best possible price. If there is a chance you may need to alter plans, then make sure to pay the extra few quid to receive compensation, or free alterations from flexi-fares, off-peak or open tickets, even low-cost airlines provide alternative options, just make sure to read the small print.

Truth About Toiletries

We’ve all been there, caught in the queue at security, only to find your see-through bag isn’t sealed, or you have one too many mascaras in your collection. Perhaps you’ve packed the sun-cream in your carry-on, or it exceeds the required metrics? Consider what is essential to have on route to your destination and remember you can always buy your tanning lotion when you arrive, plus there are high-street pharmacies in the majority of UK airports, which despite some belief won’t cost you a fortune.

Make Memories

Ultimately whatever the location, whether you’re there to relax or visit the sights, you’ll want to enjoy your experience and look back fondly on that time away in weeks to come. Why not take some photos or a video on your phone to capture your memories, or go old-school and bring a disposable. Others may wish to keep written records of highlights on their phone, challenge yourself to use good old pen and paper, or send a postcard home.

Language Barrier

You don’t have to be bilingual to travel abroad, but it always helps to remember a few key phrases. To do so you may want to buy a guidebook or look online, but often the best way is through speaking to people. Don’t be afraid to ask the locals, particular in tourist areas, how to say ‘thank you or, ‘Can I get the bill?’ It’s also handy to have an awareness of regional customs, certainly outside Europe, where certain manners, or dress may translate differently in their culture.

Consider Packing

Whether you’re going carry-on, or need the extra space in the hold, you can save more space than one might imagine with some simple alterations in packing. Only pack the essentials, do you really need half your wardrobe for a mid-week break to the continent? Consider sensible footwear over style for an activity holiday and bring a spare bag for laundry. Roll dresses rather than folding to prevent creasing and wear what you can on-board to save space, especially on your return, making room for those souvenirs.

Consider Budget

It can make or break the experience dependent on commitments, the break itself is the real treat, so be sure to stay savvy with expenditure whilst away, as the dream won’t last forever. Seek out cheap eateries off the tourist trail, make a pack lunch if possible, you don’t have to blow your budget on gifts for everyone back home. Plan ahead, set a daily budget, always keep reserves and stop to think, is this essential; you can always try shopping around, both for and whilst on holiday.

Consider Fellow Travellers

Whether you’re travelling solo, as a couple, with friends or family, it always pays to acknowledge the feelings of those around you. Lend a hand to those who might need it and try to allow other voices to be heard. It can often be hard to agree on a shared itinerary, but try and take it in turns, compromise on where to eat, what to see; manners still exist whilst away. Try to be spontaneous sometimes, it can often yield the best surprises.

Switch Off

Most nomads journey to escape and discover someplace new, so you shouldn’t sneak a peek at those building emails away from the office. Resist the temptation to text home or post excessively, unless necessary, allow yourself the opportunity to get lost in the world around you. Switch-off from those unwanted thoughts, abandoned technology can be a blessing and mindfulness comes highly recommended.

Expect The Unexpected

Above everything else, always expect the unexpected. Though it may not come to pass, it is better to be prepared than not, particularly where plans surrounding transport, tours or cuisine are concerned. Try not to heighten expectations and then for the majority you may be pleasantly surprised at the outcome. Breeching the unknown is all part of the adventure in travelling. Try to remain flexible where possible, try not to have too many preconceptions and above all, remain calm should a crisis present itself. Remember you’re choosing to break free from routine.

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