2020: Year of the Staycation

If you were to inform me this time last year of the events to come, I think I would struggle to comprehend such a notion, though to some extent I still do now. Nevertheless, like so many others I am keen to resume travel, exploration and adventure as soon as it is deemed considerably safe to do so.

As have many others, I have come to accept thie year of the staycation in whatever form it comes, as borders remain closed for the foreseeable future, whilst the world takes a breath to recognise itself after months of shared grief and hardship. For many it will take courage to venture out again after isolating at such length, but rest assured that the great outdoors awaits us with iopen arms when at last we are prepared to boost out helth in its bounty once more.

Back To Basics

Life in lockdown has been a turbulent ride, but the shutdown of trade and industry has given many of us some much needed time to appreciate the simple things in life, harking back to basics, to enjoy the company of family and friends (albiet online) or a chance to overhaul the house or spruce up your garden. I do believe it can often be too easy to take such time forgranted when we are caught up in our daily lives, as we were found pre-lockdown.

Whilst the economy recovers, now seems like the ideal time to support local; purchase goods from independent traders, endure the chaos of camping with your nearest and dearest; this is our chance to help make both the country and our communities great again.

In light of this I will be following my own advice and am looking forward to a summer spent on the hills and moors (at safe distance of course) with some good old fashioned camping on the cards; if I’m lucky perhaps I’ll throw in some luxury glamping as a self-indulgent treat.

Some of my best memories over recent years have been adjoined to a new found joy for camping with friends; from my own encounters you either seem to love it or loathe it, but I would highly recommend it!

Bring The Outside In

I’ve lost count of the number of social posts which have captured joy of indoor gardens and floristry, ideal for those without a garden, but this notion can be interpreted beyond potted pants, which may not before everyone, say allergy sufferers. I’ve personally been using treasures and souveniers from my travel to decoratemy pad, giving my news fridge a makeover with magnets I’ve collected on my travels.

Missing drinks by the pool? Why not enjoy a virtual cocktail party via Zoom, using fruit and floral garnishes. For the full experience, switch on the fan behind you to give your hair that wind-swept look. Maybe you’re a natural artist and want to reimagine the natural world through painting. Lots of famous heritage sites are offering virtual tours from the comfort of your sofa, or perhaps you have a go at some old fashioned flower press; drying out the colours of the hedgerow between pages of your favourite book. Whatever you do, indulge in a little self-care, have fun and enjoy it!

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