Mythical Mermaids and Stormy Seas: Zennor and Sennen Cove

The ocean can prove a marvellous, majestic and malevolent force depending on weather, opinion and perspective. Growing up in a small terrace on the seafront, I was natural inquisitive and enthralled by the wide blue expanse outside our window, it is a fascination that has never left me, despite my move to the country and am keen to return to ocean whenever I get the chance; an opportunity to blow away those cobwebs and leave the daily grind behind, in favour of nautical tales and enchanted views.

Giving in to my curious nature, my partner and I ventured off early one morning on our recent staycation in Cornwall, only to discovered mist-shrouded coves and mythical tales along a idyllic ramble through the cliffs off Zennor. Despite the tainted views, in truth the dampened weather only sought to lift my spirits, building a fantasy yet eerie atmosphere on our journey into the relative unknown.

In many ways it helped to start the day as we planned to go on, with an unexpected adventure into nature. There was a quaint little bridge crossing at the foot of a steep path, with a waterfall tricking down to the cliff edge and it felt so good to just exist out in the fresh coastal air.

Inspired by my new found surroundings, I vowed to venture further where I got the chance and rounded off our trip with a delicious ice cream sorbet from the local village farm shop, seriously, I highly recommend a visit.

We would spent the day exploring round the coast near Penzance, but another highlight came in the form of another hidden inlet, as we drove down to the beautiful and serene harbourside by Sennen Cove. Bypassing the white sandy shoreline, we opted instead for a quieter spot along the harbour wall, wiling away the hours, transfixed by the stormy seas that were gradually building beneath the hazy evening light.

As the tide began to rise and the waves grew stronger, powerful enough to swiftly knock us from our feet, or at least give us a drenching, we made for higher ground, winding up the picturesque trail to the lookout by Land’s End. The granite cliffs were abundant with vivacious wildflowers, thriving in the tropical climate and off-set the sleepy scene beneath the late evening sun beautifully.

It was a glorious end to a wonderful day’s adventure, as we cast our eyes out towards the Longships Lighthouse cast adrift off the immediate shoreline and retired for the night at the edge of mainland Britain and the South West as we know it.

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