Lazy Days by St Michael’s Mount and Mousehole

Reared by the wild Atlantic Ocean, I admittedly never tire of those sea views through all weathers. Nowadays, abiding in the city, I often have an abstract longing for such views, so you can imagine my delight at a brief summer escape to the seaside, particularly on the balmy South West coast.

Basing ourselves in St Ives, we made the short commute to Penzance for the day, from which we wandered along the shores of Marazion and admired the distant views of the distant coastal landmark that is St Michael’s Mount. Fun fact, it was this very feature that first drew me to Cornwall on my 21st birthday, since then I’ve visited the north of the region a handful of times, but have always considered returning to the southern shores and venturing further round the coastal path, and what better time to rediscover this inspiring coastline than now, as staycations are on trend.

Having stepped foot upon the mount before, we took a free visit to simply view it from afar this time, but I do recommend a visit. When the area is free of day-tripping tourists, the scene surrounding the majestic landmark is serene and caught my imagination to such point that it features in some of my as yet disclosed writing works.

Content with a paddle in the warming shallow waters, we spend just enough time by the bay until it got busy, before beating a hasty retreat to the neighbouring villages of Newlyn and Mousehole, both small but idyllic, ideal for a brief spot of respite in between your travels along the coast.

Ready for a bite to eat, we braved our first attempt at al fresco dining since cafes have been allowed to reopen and distanced ourselves outside the beautifully, but appropriately named Rock Pool Cafe, perched leisurely on the cliff over looking the rocky shoreline of Mousehole below. After all, who could refuse the offer of cream tea, especially when you’ve view overlooking the azure season a glorious summer’s day.

A short spell of beach life was exactly what was needed after the strains of lockdown living. Of-course we were careful to abide by government guidelines and could only hope that the remainder of our fellow visitors adhered to such too. When everyone’s being careful, it enables us all to enjoy some much needed fun in the sun, and long may it continue!

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